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Segment Detail page

The Segment Detail tab shows details of each segment containing:

  • "side panel" with basic information about the segment,
  • "top panel" for deleting, copying and saving the segments,
  • "builder" to set conditions for the segment,
  • "insights" with preset reporting for this particular segment,
  • "export" to enable exporting of segmented customer profiles to destinations. 

Remember: by default, if no conditions are set, the segment will contain 100% of the customer profile's database. 

Side Panel



Name of your segment that can be searched for in the Segments tab. View-only signs will be shown for users with a view-only level of access.


ID of the segment can be found as well in the segment URL www.meiro.io/segment/(ID_of_the_segment)

ID can be used, e.g., when displaying banners to segmented audiences.


View the author, and view/ edit users invited to this segment.

Author and invited users will receive notifications about changes made to a segment (edits, errors on exports, if the segment was deleted). If you are the author of a segment or the administrator, you can invite new users or edit the access level for users.

The author can not be deleted from the users, his access is not editable.

Accesses to other users also depend on their user role & permissions granted. Edit access to a segment enables edit conditions and exports but is dependent on roles & permissions. If users do not have access to exports at all, they will not be able to view exports in the segment even if granted edit access. 

Users with the view level of access can not edit segment conditions or exports. Invite all users by selecting the "Invite all users" button.


View/ edit tags for the segment.

Tags help to manage segments across Meiro Business Explorer. They can be used as a filter in the Segments tab.

Lookalike Segment Size 
(applicable only to Lookalike segments)


In this section, you will find essential details about the segment's dimensions:

Знімок екрана 2023-11-20 о 15.16.32.png

  • Base segment size: displays the unmodifiable number of the selected segment.

  • Lookalike size: represents the audience size of the lookalike segment, which changes correspondingly as you manipulate the slider.

  • Slider: allows you to adjust the size of your lookalike segment. Note that lookalike segments cannot be saved with a size of 0% or if they surpass the 20% limit of the total CDP profile base size.

  • ‘Include base segment’ checkbox: you can modify this checkbox to include or exclude the profiles from the base segment in the lookalike audience. When checked, it combines profiles from both segments, forming the lookalike segment based on similarities. Checking/unchecking the checkbox changes the slider's behavior. 

To ensure that any modifications or adjustments to the segment are preserved, click the 'Save' button in the top panel.


The segmented section displays how many customer profiles out of the whole database have been segmented, also percentage-wise. 

"Data refreshed" displays when the segment was refreshed for the last time.

The "Refresh button" enables the refresh calculation of the segment.

By default, segment will not be updated automatically but only when refreshed or on export. 

Available in channels

The "available in channels" section shows the segmented audience count that might be targeted through each specific channel. 

Emails: Only customer profiles with a matching 'Email subscription status' attribute and applied segment conditions will receive the relevant campaign. The number includes profiles with known emails, where consent has been given, and emails are not blocked.

Mobile Push: The count represents the number of customer profiles that have registration tokens matching with at least one app from MP channel configurations and that are not older than 60 days. These profiles are paired with the registered value set to true within the Mobile Push Subscription system attribute. Afterward, this number is evaluated based on the segment conditions applied.

If a channel is not configured, you will see the message "Not active" for that particular channel. To configure a channel and enable campaign sending to segmented audiences, you should contact the CDP technical consultant.


Summary of the segmentation in natural language.


Remember: this section is not visible on the Lookalike segment's detailed page.

Notes Users with an edit level of access can leave a note in this section.
Segmented Customer Profiles

Browse through customer profiles related to your segment.

Learn more: about customer profiles in detail from this article.

Top Panel


Delete/ Copy

As an administrator or a user with edit-level access, you can delete or copy a segment. The deleted segment can always be restored from the trash.

Warning: Copied are conditions and tags. Are not copied: export history, export schedules, invited users, and notes.

Save changes

Changes are not autosaved. To do so, click on the "Save Changes" button. To restore the version of a previously saved segment, you may click on the "Undo changes" button.

Builder tab

Select attributes and conditions to segment customer profiles. For example, it is possible to filter customer profiles that use the Google Chrome browser. The list of available attributes to segment is custom for each client.  

Remember: for Lookalike segments, the ability to update conditions is not available. If you need a lookalike segment with different conditions, create a new custom segment with the desired conditions. 

By default, segments will display segment size from the most recent calculation, which may be outdated. You can also click the “Refresh” button to recalculate and get the most updated segment size. Remember, exports are recalculated each time.

Learn more: about attributes & conditions, compound attributes, parentheses, exclusion, and how to build your segment and use data to understand the customer profiles better

Знімок екрана 2023-05-16 о 16.52.27.png

Insights tab

Insights for segmented customer profiles. Insights for all customer profiles databases are in the Analytics/ Insights tab

Search through insights:

  • By name.
  • By the data source of the attribute, the insight is calculated for.

Learn more: about insights.

Знімок екрана 2023-05-16 о 16.53.01.png

Знімок екрана 2023-01-05 о 12.03.14.png

Expended version of segment insights

The expanded version of the segment insights allows for comparing the value of insights between a segmented audience and the global audience.

In the example below, the orange bar chart displays the number of segmented customer profiles with subscribed status, which is 83.3% of the total segmented customer profiles. The light orange section shows that this attribute is known for 90% of all segmented profiles.

The grey bar chart shows the number of all customer profiles who have subscribed, which is 43.5%. The light grey section shows that this attribute is available for only 52.6% of all customer profiles, which is 845 profiles.

pasted image 0.png

Exports tab

Export your segment to the destination of your choice. The list of available destinations, together with its settings, is available in the Data Library/Destinations tab (export destinations are set up by Meiro analysts upon agreement with the client).

Remember: Segments are not autosaved and refreshed only when fresh is initiated. Export is always made on recalculated, the most up-to-date values. 

Feb-14-2024 09-17-45.gif

It is possible to schedule a specific time for export. Time is scheduled in the UTC timezone. Use a dropdown button to select your preferred schedule type. You can choose only one scheduling type, they cannot be combined:

One-time schedule

The one-time schedule allows for exporting the segment once at this specific Date and Time only.

Знімок екрана 2023-06-07 о 13.40.25.png

The upcoming schedules are highlighted in orange, while the already exported ones are displayed in grey:

Знімок екрана 2023-06-07 о 13.56.45.png

Знімок екрана 2023-06-07 о 13.57.53.png

Recurring schedule

The recurring schedule enables exporting a segment at a fixed time of the day or within some interval (every minute/hour). Multiple repetitive schedules can be set for a single destination.

To specify the start date or timeframe of the interval export, enable the corresponding checkboxes. 



For some destinations, it is possible to set precise parameters managed by an administrator. Parameters define where segments will be exported in the destination (e.g., the ID of the audience that will be updated or the name of the audience under which export can be found in the destination). Each export destination is slightly different.

Learn more about segment export from these articles

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Export history

Once a segment is exported to a destination, it is recorded in the export history. There you can: 

  • Identify who initiated the segment export.
  • Review the timestamp indicating when the export occurred.
  • Check the status of the export.
  • Access detailed logs that provide a step-by-step performance of the export process.
  • Furthermore, if the segment was exported as a CSV file, you can download the file directly from the export history.

Remember: export history is cleared automatically. By default, exports are deleted after 7 days. You can adjust this duration by contacting the CDP technical consultant.

Знімок екрана 2023-11-07 о 13.57.11.png

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