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Web banners: use cases library demo schedule


To work with banners, first, they need to be set by the Meiro team:

1. Activation of the endpoint in the Meiro Events (ME) system should be implemented in order to collect events.

2. Meiro Events API connection must be set in the Administration/Configurations/Settings tab

3. The Channels/Web tabs must be enabled by the administrator for your user role

4. For native banners, it is required to place a DOM element with a unique ID in the HTML code of the website where the banner will be displayed.

Display a web banner to schedule a demo when a customer is on a particular part of the website.

2.1 Select where you wish to display the web banner .e.g.  URL contains {insert URL} or Pathname contains {insert Pathname}.


2.2 Select where you do not wish to display the web banner e.g. exclude URLs or Pathnames you do not wish to target.


2.3 Add more conditions of your choice, e.g., limit the web banner to a certain time.