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How to manage data protection

Meiro can be fully customized for individual data protection regulations. To consult all possibilities, please get in touch with the Meiro team.

One of the ways to protect PII data is to disable users from seeing it.

Chosen attributes can be labeled in the Administration/Entities/ Attributes tab (e.g., "Personal Data"). Labeled attributes can be hidden for non-authorized user roles. This can be easily managed in the Administration tab/ User setup/ Roles tab.

Attribute values will not be displayed in:

  • Customer Profile search results, & detail page for Customer Profiles,
  • Attribute examples in the Attribute tab, events examples in the Events tab,
  • Insights tab (both in Analytics, as well as in the segment details)
  • Conditions in segment details,
  • Exports to the CSV 
  • Mobile Push preview

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