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Introduction to Meiro Business Explorer

Meiro Business Explorer is a platform that enables: 

Data source

A data source can be any source that collects customer profile data (online shop, marketing tool, etc.)

A full list of available data sources is in the  Data library/ Sources tab.


Attributes are characteristics of a customer profile that help to build a more holistic picture (information about personal data, revenue spent and opened campaigns, etc.). Based on attributes, it is possible to segment customer profiles, see insights for this particular audience, or activate data.

A full list of all attributes can be found under the Data library/ Attributes tab


Events are behaviors of customer profiles. It is information about the actions that a customer has performed and when it was performed. Events are used in single customer profile timelines to show their activities. 

A full list of all events can be found under the Data library/ Events tab.

Getting started

Segment builder: tutorials, explanations & tips

Not sure what is what? Check it out in the glossary