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Tab: Channels/ Mobile Push

The Channels / Mobile Push tab allows sending personalized push notification messages to a segmented audience originating from Firebase-enabled mobile applications.

Mobile push arrives on users' devices from the app and appears directly on their screens even if the app is running in the background or is currently inactive. Once the users download your application and approve to receive mobile push notifications, you can provoke them to visit the website or application, use time-limited discounts, prompt them to check new arrivals and seasonal recommendations, inform them about order confirmation and newsworthy content, etc.

Prerequisites for Mobile Pushes

To work with Mobile Pushes, first, they need to be set by the Meiro team:

  1. For Mobile Push, it is required to configure the "Firebase account" in the Administration/Configurations/Channel tab and set the "Registration token attribute".
  2. Meiro Events must be implemented.
  3. The Firebase registration tokens need to be made available to Meiro either via Meiro Events or via the Meiro Integration workflow.

  4. The administrator must enable the Mobile Push tab for your user role.

Mobile Push list

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Schedule icon

The icon displays scheduled activations and provides detailed information when hovered over.


The name of the Mobile Push. 

Last activation

Date and time when Mobile Push was activated.

Modified at

Date when the Mobile Push was modified for the last time.

Edit / Delete

Edit the Mobile Push form or delete it. Deleted Mobile Pushes are stored in the trash and can be restored to the Meiro Business Explorer interface if needed.


All deleted mobile pushes are stored in the trash. From there, they can be restored to the Meiro Business Explorer interface.

Learn more: about how to restore deleted items

Learn more: how to create Mobile Push