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Introduction to Mobile Push channel

The mobile push channel is a valuable tool for businesses to engage with their audience directly on their mobile devices. With mobile push notifications, businesses can send timely and relevant messages to their users, whether promoting a new feature, delivering personalized offers, or providing important updates.

Mobile push notifications offer a variety of use cases that can help businesses connect with their audience. Re-engagement campaigns, for example, allow businesses to reach users who have not interacted with their app or website recently. Onboarding campaigns can help new users get started with a product or service, while personalized alerts offer a convenient way to provide relevant updates and information to users.

To increase the success of your mobile push campaigns, it's important to follow best practices for message composition.

Prerequisites for Mobile Pushes

To work with Mobile Pushes, first, they need to be set by the Meiro team:

  1. For Mobile Push, it is required to configure the Firebase project in the Administration/Configurations/Channel tab, add at least one application, and set the stitching category.
  2. Meiro Events must be implemented.
  3. The Firebase registration tokens need to be made available to Meiro either via Meiro Events or via the Meiro Integration workflow.

  4. The administrator must enable the Mobile Push tab for your user role.

How Mobile Push Works