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Tab: Administration/User setup

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Users Activity



The Administration/User setup tab is visible only to users with permission granted to view this tab. 

Users Activity

View the activity of the users across Meiro Business Explorer:

  • Total number of users, activated, never activated, and deleted users
  • Total number of logins
  • Profiles tab interactions
  • Profiles detail interactions
  • Profiles Segments interactions
  • Featured Segments interactions
  • Smart Segments interactions
  • Data library tab interactions
  • Reporting tab interactions
  • Pop-up banners tab interactions
  • Native banners tab interactions
  • Promo codes tab interactions

Additional filter results by :

  • date range
  • users, users' roles, or domains of users' emails.  

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Users tab

View the total list of users:

  • Names of users
  • Email addresses
  • Last login and an option to resend the invitation
  • Role 
  • Statuses of users (enabled/disabled)

Within this tab, It is possible to:

  • Create a new user (either by sending an invitation or by setting a password without requiring email confirmation)
  • Change the assigned role of a user
  • Enable or disable the user (disabled users will be grayed out)
  • Mark a user as a system user to hide them from the MBE interface and not display them in the statistics in the User activity tab.

  • Resend invitations to users or copy them to the clipboard
  • Edit names, emails, and passwords. Mark a user as a 'system user', so that the user will not be displayed in the statistics in the User activity tab
  • Remove a user (the removed users will remain in the trash, from where they can be restored)

Learn more: about the Users tab.

Roles tab

Set and customize user roles & permissions granted.

An administrator can:

  • View a list of existing roles and edit them,
  • Name new user roles,
  • Choose a set of accesses for the user role.
  • Remove a role (the removed user role will remain in the trash, from where it can be restored)

Learn more: To learn how to set up user roles and what accesses are possible please refer to this article. 

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