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Insights what are they for and how do they work

Insights are a set of tiles with various analytics for segmented groups. Insights are built based on attributes and conditions (e.g., most common location, device, number of customer profiles that bought a product).

Insights are in:

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Structure of insight tile 

Each insight tile has a similar structure. It contains:

  • the data source from which information is coming
  • name of the insights
  • add to the favorites button
  • expand button (take the user to the results of the insights presented in the form of a bar chart).
  • Summary with information on how many customer profiles attribute from insight is known for. It is essential to check for how big part of your audience, attribute from insight, is known. The attribute may be known only for a small piece of your audience (less than 1 %, for example). In that case, your insight will not represent all your customer profiles. The bigger the percentage is, the more significant part of your audience that insight means.

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Analytics with insight
With insights, you can quickly dive into the analytics of your segmented audience, as well as the whole customer profiles dataset. Insights can be connected to, e.g.:
  • revenue (average spending, max-min spending),
  • customer engagement (highly engaged customers across the channels or within a particular channel),
  • customer behavior (most common URLs clicked, common locations, devices),
  • any other attribute that is available for your dataset.
Understand your customer profile's behavior that matters to you across data sources better, which will improve your marketing strategies. You may learn about behavior that will inspire you to build other segments for your perfect audience.

You can compare the value of insights for a segmented audience with that of a global audience by accessing the expanded version of the segment insights to gain a deeper understanding of the analytics.

Use Cases

Most common use cases:

  • Checking data quality (e.g., whether the segment contains a lot of customer profiles with known PII/ with permission to contact).
  • Checking the best channel for activation (e.g., the channel with the highest engagement).
  • Measure campaign performance (e.g., most common UTM source/medium/campaign that brings web visitors). 
  • Identify the most common devices/country/OS which help target.

Define with the Meiro team what data matters to you. Setting it up lays within a click away.