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User setup overview

Within the Administration/User setup tab:

Learn more: To learn about the Administration tab and its full description, please refer to this article.

1. Users' activity tab

To check the activity of users across Meiro Business Explorer, please go to the Users Activity tab.

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2. Users tab

Add new users, and manage existing ones in the Users tab. 

Create/ invite user

To create a user click on the "Create User" button. 

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Specify email address, name, and select the role for your new user. Tick the checkbox to send an invitation to the email account. The activation link is sent to an email and expires after 5 days.


Select the segments you wish to invite your user to and click on the "Create User" button. 

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Manage users

Under the Users subtab, manage existing users: edit or delete them. Deleted users can be found in the trash, you can quickly locate and recover them with the "restore" button.

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3. Roles tab

User roles define permissions granted to users. Roles are fully customizable, and already set roles are listed in the Roles tab.

To create a user role, click on the "Create New Role" button, name the user role, and specify permissions granted, as well as limitations for attributes values visibility. Read more here.