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Segment export: Exportable in segment export

The "Exportable" section shows the number of customer profiles out of segmented customer profiles with mandatory attributes (if defined) present. The administrator usually defines mandatory attributes, and those are the ones that must be present in order for export to be successful. Export is impossible if profiles do not have those attributes in place. 

In the example below, the number of exported profiles is 120, while the segment is 121. This means that out of 121 segmented customer profiles, only 120 have mandatory attributes defined for this export. 

"Exportable"  shows  "120 out of 890". This means that 890 profiles have mandatory attributes present, and out of this number, exported will be 120 customer profiles.

Warning:  modifying the mandatory attribute may result in a delay in the update of segment counts. It may take some time for the changes to be reflected in the system.

Learn more: To check which attributes are mandatory and how to change them, please refer to this article.