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Activation of mobile push campaign

To proceed with activating your campaign, please create a campaign and complete its content form.

Learn more: about the content form of a mobile push campaign

Setting frequencies

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Specify the desired frequency of push notification delivery in days or hours. The default limit is the same as the global limit. Make desired changes and save them to apply them. It is not possible to save campaigns with stricter global frequency caps.

If you use less strict limits in the local frequency cap than in the global, the campaign will be displayed in the list with a warning icon next to its name. The icon serves as a notification to the user, indicating that the campaign will continue to run based on the less strict limits specified in its local frequency cap.

Ignore global frequency cap

To bypass the frequency limit for a specific campaign, select the "Ignore global frequency cap" checkbox. The campaign will be displayed in the list with a lightning icon next to its name.

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Remember: it is also possible to set global frequency across all mobile push campaigns. Read more here.

Segment selection

In order to send Mobile Push notifications, you can use a dropdown list to select one or multiple segments of customer profiles. Please note that segments should be created in advance in the Segments tab.

If you wish to create additional sets of segments, simply click on the "Add sending batch" button. This allows you to send or schedule mobile push campaigns to different batches independently from one another. Using separate sending batches, you can effectively manage and target your push notifications across various segments.

Remember: when sending a push notification to a segment batch, duplicate customer profiles are automatically removed. This means that each profile's device will receive the push notification only once. However, if a customer profile appears in different segment batches, it is possible for that profile to receive the campaign multiple times. To avoid excessive notifications, it is recommended to use frequency capping.

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When multiple segments are used in a single batch, the number of profiles that will receive the Mobile Push campaign is determined by the "or" operator between the conditions specified in all segments.

Learn more: for a better understanding of a segmented profile number, especially when combining lookalike and regular segments in one sending batch, reach out to this article.

Activate campaign

1. Define schedule to campaign

Scheduling your push notification campaign allows you to reach your audience at the best times, increasing engagement rates and providing more control when your message is sent.

Use a dropdown button to select your preferred schedule type.

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You can choose only one scheduling type, as they cannot be combined:

One-time schedule

allows for executing the campaign once at this specific DateTime only.

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The upcoming schedules are highlighted in orange, while the already activated ones are displayed in grey:

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Recurring schedule

allows for repetitively executing a campaign at a particular time of the day or repeating campaign activation every minute/hour). It is possible to set multiple repetitive schedules for one segment batch.

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If the schedule was set to the segment batch, then profiles from the segment will receive notification on selected days and times. Note time is scheduled in the UTC timezone.

2. Activate campaign immediately

Use the "Send now" button to immediately send the push notification to the audience.

Activation history

Activation history lists all Mobile Pushes sent for the last 30 days.

It contains information on the segment's name, date when the Mobile Push was sent, user, and status (waiting, running, error, finished) of the push notification.

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Warning: if an attribute is defined in Mobile Push and later is hidden, attempting to activate the associated campaign results in error.


The statistics on the number of entities that received a Mobile Push notification are saved in the Grafana logs, accessible through the User menu. However, only users with the appropriate permissions can view this information.

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