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Tab Channels/Emails/Templates

The Channels/Emails/Templates tab allows for selecting a system or custom template for using it in the Email campaign.

Email Template list

Select between custom or system templates on the top. It will allow you to use system templates or design email templates that align with your brand and campaign goals.

Custom templates

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The name of the email template.


The type of email template, whether it was created using HTML or a Visual Editor.

Modified at

Date when the email was lastly modified.

Use template

The button allows proceeding with the use of the template in the email campaign.


Make a duplicate of the template for future modifications

Edit / Delete

Edit the email template or delete it.

All deleted templates are removed permanently from the list.

System templates

The System Templates section provides a collection of pre-designed email templates created by Meiro. The list of system templates contains the name and image preview.

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