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Understand the bigger picture of data available in Meiro

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Diagnostic Dashboard




Diagnostic Dashboard

The Diagnostic Dashboard summarizes available customer profile data: update time, number of customer profiles, events, attributes, and more.

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  • The number of profiles
  • Connected sources
  • Profile attributes
  • Total events
  • Data updated
  • Monthly processed events
  • Total events stored (as of now)
  • The number of unified profiles

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Funnels tab

Funnels are an effective tool for analyzing user behavior and tracking conversion rates towards specific goals. By illustrating the customer journey through different stages, such as completing a purchase or signing up for a service, funnels provide a clear picture of user progress and potential obstacles. They help businesses to pinpoint bottlenecks and identify areas for improvement, ultimately leading to better conversion rates and increased revenue.

The Funnels tab provides visualizations, such as funnel and line charts, for all profiles in the CDP. Users can delve into the comprehensive dataset, examining user behavior and attribute values with ease. Additionally, the tab enables focused analysis through segmentation, allowing users to apply filters and tailor their exploration to specific segments. 

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Insights tab

Insights are counted for the whole customer profiles' database (insights are also available for each segment).

Insights are a set of tiles with various analytics for segmented groups. Insights are built based on attributes and conditions (e.g., most common location, device, number of customer profiles that bought a product).

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Reporting tab

Reporting tab displays the basic dashboards available for each client within Meiro Business Explorer, as well as customized dashboards at additional costs. 

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