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What can I understand through the single customer profile


What you will learn:

Search for customer profile

Analyze your customer profile

Search for customer profile

Browsing through individual customer profiles in Customers tab. Search for attributes that interest you the most (e.g. Revenue Total) or for a particular value (e.g. email address or surname).Search-customer-profiles.png

Simply, click on a particular customer profile to learn more. 


Add customer profile to favorites to keep it on the top of your searches and easily store it on the top of the tab (coming soon).

Analyze your customer profile

Now that you have chosen the customer you would like to learn more about, you can see  data which has been merged together from various data sources.



Customer cards show various attributes like customer identifiers or Channel Engagement. Cards that display attributes are fully customizable. See below all attributes available for that customer. 



Timeline of events shows activity of a customer in a historical order. Summary is in a Customer Events chart. 



Identity Graph shows how your customer profile has been merged from various data sources and activities. Identifiers are pieces of information that has been stitched together across the sources (e.g. email, phone number, web cookie etc.).

Learn more: Identity stitching and how customer identity appears.