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Mobile Push: FAQs

What is a registration token, and where can I find it?

A Registration Token, also known as a Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) registration token, is a unique identifier assigned to each instance of a mobile app that registers with FCM. It is used by the FCM service to send push notifications to specific devices.


The registration token changes in three cases: when you uninstall and reinstall the app, when you clear app data, or when you restore the app on a new device.


Learn more: about how to retrieve registration tokens for the Android and iOS mobile app.

How can I test receiving a Mobile Push to my device?

Follow the steps described in this section to test Mobile Push content.

If a customer's devices are off when I send a Mobile Push, will they still receive a notification after turning the phone on?

If the customer's device is switched off or not within network coverage, your notification will still be delivered when they reconnect within the specified time-to-live period. You can set this period in the Mobile Push Content tab, under the TTL field. By default, this period is set to 4 weeks. For more information, please refer to this article.

Will a mobile push notification appear immediately to the customers in the segment after it is sent?

After using the "Send now" button, customers from the segment will immediately receive a notification on their devices.

Can one segment have multiple Mobile Push campaigns?

Yes, each segment can have multiple active Mobile Push campaigns.

How can I prevent spamming my customers?

To prevent customers from being spammed with notifications, start by implementing global and local frequency caps across campaigns to limit the number of notifications sent per day or hour. These caps ensure that notifications are delivered appropriately without overwhelming recipients. 


Additionally, you may use timestamp attributes in the conditions of segments to further control notification frequency. For instance, consider conditions such as "Push notification sent timestamp last was more than 3 days ago" or "Number of push notifications sent to the user is less than 5."

Do we support other languages in the Mobile Push messages besides English?

Yes, we support sending messages in languages other than English. You can segment users based on their language preference using the app.language attribute in system events, which includes the language's 2-character ISO-639-1 code. Then, you can create mobile push notifications in the desired language and apply them to the respective segment.