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Tab: Administration/Configurations

The Administration/Configurations tab is visible only to users with permission to see this tab. This tab is intended for administrators to configure Meiro Business Explorer to other users. 

The "Configuration" subtab under the Administration tab contains the following:

  • Channel tab for configuring channels in MBE
  • Reporting tab where reporting is configured.
  • Insights tab where insights are configured.
  • Settings tab for configuring MI and ME API connection, setting labels for profiles tab, and many others.
Channel tab

In the Channels tab, it is possible to:

The list of available channels is under the Channels tab. 

Reporting tab

In the Reporting tab, it is possible to:

- connect, edit, and delete preset reports.

The reporting dashboard is in the Reporting tab.

Insights tab

In the Insights tab, it is possible to:

  • Create, edit, and delete the insights.

The full list of insights is in the Analytics tab/ Insights tab or displayed for each segment. 

Lookalikes tab

In the Lookalikes tab, it is possible to:

  • Set attributes for creating lookalike segments by identifying profiles with similar attribute values.

Funnels tab

In the Funnels tab, it is possible to:

  • Create, edit, and delete the funnel groups

Utilizing funnel groups enables the creation of funnel and line charts within the Analytics/Funnels tab.

Setting tab

Meiro Business Explorer Settings:

  • MI API connection and API settings. It is needed for connecting sources & destinations. Set by the Meiro team.

  • ME API connection and API settings. It is needed for connecting web banners. Set by the Meiro team.

  • Profiles tab additional attribute to show additional attributes for customer profiles' search results.

  • Profile Highlights label for attributes to appear under the detail page in the detail page to Customer Profiles tab.

  • Channel Engagement label for attributes in Channel Engagement in Customer Profile. 

  • Data cache expiration follows cron syntax and sets when the cache should be invalidated and generated. The administrator should set it right after the process of ingesting new data is done. It will be displayed in the Diagnostic Dashboard (“Data updated: h/min ago”)

  • Maintenance notification email (s) where all alerts/ errors will be sent.

Learn more: about how to configure Meiro Business Explorer, please refer to this chapter