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Tab: Channels/Web/ Pop-up banners

The pop-up banners tab enables creating and setting rules to display pop-up banners and display them to the users on the chosen website.


To work with pop-up banners, first, they need to be set by the Meiro team:

  1. Activation of the endpoint in the Meiro Events (ME) system should be implemented in order to collect events.
  2. Web/Pop-up banners tab must be enabled by the administrator for your user role.
  3. Meiro Events API connection must be set in the Administration/Configurations/Settings tab.
Global settings

Global settings enable the setting of the global rules applicable to all pop-up banners. They are optional and do not need to be set. Rules can be edited at any time. Global setting rules will also overwrite individual settings for each pop-up banner. 

Global count for all banners per user

Rule: {number} times during period {number} session/ hours/ days

The rule works across all banners. It limits the number of banners displayed for 1 user.

Warning: the number of impressions is stored in the browser's local storage. If the local storage is cleared, the user may see the pop-up banner more times. 

Learn more: about cookies.

Show banner after a number of page views

Rule: After {number} pageviews

The rule works across all banners. It specifies after how many page views during 1 session banners will be displayed.

Pop-up banners list

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Search for a pop-up banner name.


The name of the pop-up banner. 


The priority is assigned to the pop-up banner (from 0 to 10, where 10 is the highest). Can be edited in the pop-up web banner.


Publish/ unpublish pop-up banner.

Modified at

Date and time when the pop-up banner was modified, and who made changes to the banner.

Edit/ Delete

Edit the pop-up banner's form or delete a pop-up banner. Deleted Pop-up Banners are stored in the trash.


All deleted pop-up banners are stored in the trash. From there, they can be restored to the Meiro Business Explorer interface.

Learn more: about how to restore deleted items

Pop-up banner form

Name pop-up banner


Name of web banner that will be visible in the list of banners set on the Pop-up banner tab.
When to display pop-up banner
  • Conditions to display pop-up banners:
    • What date/ time: datetime, day of the week, Hours of the day,
    • Other available conditions:
      • browser language, browser, cookie, device, Google Tag Manager, hostname, HTTP, local storage, page titles, pathname, referrer, URL, UTM campaign, UTM medium, and UTM source.
  • Frequency cap (optional)
  • Priority (required)
  • Display conditions (optional)
How to display pop-up banner
  • HTML/ image banner design (required)
  • Minimized banner design (optional)

Select "Active" if you wish a pop-up banner to be displayed straight after creation. 

Learn more: about pop-up banner form & conditions

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