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Segment builder: tags for segments

Tags help to manage segments across Meiro Business Explorer and make them easy to find.

You can create, edit, and delete tags in the Segments tab/ Tags tab. To create a tag, click the “create” button on the Tags tab, then give the tag's name and select the color you want it to appear in the UI.

 Remember: Tags are shared across Meiro, so it is important to remember that tag changes will influence other users. 

Use tags for filtering your segments. Select one or multiple tags in the filter by section on the top of the Segment tab, and you will see those segments that comply with the filter.

Besides, clicking on the "Show Segments" button on the Tags tab will take you to the Custom Segments tab, where the segments will be displayed based on the selected tag. Remember that the tag count may differ due to the rights granted.

Examples of tags



Below is an example of a set of tags for e-commerce that may help marketing teams to organize their work:


  • Automation to investigate and manage audience through marketing automation platforms. 
  • Lead nurturing to investigate your customer profiles' behaviors and journeys.


  • Re-activation to manage your audience with the potential of getting back to business. 
  • Cross-Sell, where you can work on an audience identified with cross-selling opportunities. 
  • Retentionwhere you can manage fading away customers. 
  • Social Activation for customers you wish to activate within your social media channels. 
  • Upsell to gather all customer profiles that are likely to buy again. 



  • For customer journey: Activate/ Reactivation for customers you wish to (re) activate through the customer journey.
  • For customer personas: CX Research/ Profiles, where you can check out profiles of your customers and build a picture of personas and common user stories. 
  • For campaigns: Awareness Campaign/ Promo for audiences that you wish to target and investigate within one campaign.
  • For customers across channels and products: Credit Card/ Morgage/ E-wallet/ Mobile App/ Morgage for audiences using banking services across channels.
  • For customer engagement/ High Engagement/ Fading, check out customers with various engaged scores and customize marketing accordingly.
  • To categorize your customer value: High Potential / Low-Value Customers stored under separate tags so you can target the right audience with the right message.