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Segment builder: tags for segments

Tags help to organize segments in the Segments tab.

 Remember: Tags are shared across Meiro, so it is important to keep in mind that changes in tags will influence other users. 

Examples of tags:



Below is an example of a set of tags for e-commerce that may help marketing teams to organize their work:


  • Automation to investigate and manage audience through marketing automation platforms. 
  • Lead nurturing to investigate your customer profiles' behaviors and journeys.


  • Re-activation to manage your audience with the potential of getting back to business. 
  • Cross-Sell, where you can work on an audience identified with cross-selling opportunities. 
  • Retentionwhere you can manage fading away customers. 
  • Social Activation for customers you wish to activate within your social media channels. 
  • Upsell to gather all customer profiles that are likely to buy again. 



  • For customer journey: Activate/ Reactivation for customers you wish to (re) activate through the customer journey.
  • For customer personas: CX Research/ Profiles, where you can check out profiles of your customers and build a picture of personas and common user stories. 
  • For campaigns: Awareness Campaign/ Promo for audiences that you wish to target and investigate within one campaign.
  • For customers across channels and products: Credit Card/ Morgage/ E-wallet/ Mobile App/ Morgage for audiences using banking services across channels.
  • For customer engagement/ High Engagement/ Fading, check out customers with various engaged scores and customize marketing accordingly.
  • To categorize your customer value: High Potential / Low-Value Customers stored under separate tags so you can target the right audience with the right message.