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How to set the new user role

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How to set the new user role

Creating the user but “User is already in Trash”

How to set the new user role

Go to the Roles tab and click the "Create New Role" button.

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Name new user role.

Select the permissions you wish to grant by moving the on/off toggle. Set limits for Attributes Visibility by selecting attribute labels that values you wish to hide from the user. 

Save new user role.

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Go to the Users tab and assign users roles of your choice.


Creating the user, but “User is already in Trash”
The “User is already in Trash” message means that a user with the same email has already been created and deleted, therefore this user is now in the trash, and a new user with the same email can not be created. 


Go to the trash and restore the user from there if needed. 

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Remember: Each deleted user is stored in Trash. This is important for security reasons, as each user's actions are assigned to him and stored. This information can be crucial for all sorts of audits or security checks.