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Tab: Channels/ Promo codes

The Promo codes tab enables to insert of CSV files with promo codes that can be used further e.g., in web banners. 

The Promo codes list

ID ID of the promo code list that can be referred to further.
Name The name of the promo code list inserted.
Available promo codes Number of available promo codes. 
Created by User who created promo code list.
Date added Date when promo code list was added.
Date modified Date when promo code list was modified

Create list form

Name The name of the promo code list.
Add promo codes

Insert the CSV file. The file should contain only 1 column with codes listed. 

Remember: It is possible to upload more codes, you just need to insert the CSV file with the same name to the same list. During the update, the same codes will be ignored, the rest will be loaded incrementally.

Warning: Most programs format CSV correctly, but some may need manual input, e.g., Numbers. When formatting manually, it is important to insert values into double quotes "" e.g.



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