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Segment export: Mandatory and exported attributes

Mandatory and exported attributes can be set for exporting data to the destination.

Attributes are listed in the Data library/Destinations tab and can be managed by the administrator in the Administration/Entities/Destinations. For each export, settings will be different, and it is the responsibility of the Meiro implementation team.

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Exported attributes (required)

Attributes that will be exported to your destinations. It is a required field, as without defining exported attributes/ exported data your export will be empty. 

Mandatory attributes (optional)

Attributes that must be present in order to export to the destination.

This is an optional field that can be defined if it is needed for a particular export.

Remember: It is important to note that, in this case, the number of exported customer profiles may vary from the number of segmented profiles. Only customer profiles that have defined mandatory attributes present will be exported. 

In the example below, the number of exported profiles is 234 to Facebook, while the segmented 582 profiles. This means that out of 582 segmented customer profiles, 234  have a mandatory attribute for Facebook present.

"Exportable"  shows  "234 out of 23k". This means that in total, 23k customer profiles have mandatory attributes present, and out of this number, exported will be 234 profiles.

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