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Settings of Channel Engagement

How does it work

Channel Engagement helps to identify channels (data sources) with high/ low engagement.

The Engagement Score for a customer profile is calculated based on his/her activity levels compared to all other customers. It is calculated in deciles (multiples of 10). A higher engagement score means that the customer is more engaged.

Example: A customer profile with an engagement score of 70 on the Website channel means that he/she is more engaged than 70% of customer profiles who browsed the site.

This definition can be personalized to suit clients' needs (please contact the Meiro team).

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How to set it up

1. Define attributes for Channel Engagement (Administration/Entities/Attributes tab)

2. Label them, for example, "Channel Engagement" (Administration/Entities/Attributes labels)

3. Pick this label for Channel Engagement (Administration/Configurations/ Settings tab)