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Tab: Segments

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Custom Segments tab

Featured Segments tab

Smart Segments tab

Tags tab


Custom Segments tab

View all available custom segments are all segments created by you and your team. Access to segments depends on user role and granted permissions. Segments that a user has no access to are greyed out.

Segments can be filtered by:

  • My Segments (segments user created),
  • Shared with me (segments user is invited to, for those segments user will be notified about changes in the segment),
  • Others (all segments created within Meiro Business Explorer, not created by user, user is not invited to). 

Create a new segment or search through existing segments (enter your search through the search box, choose a tag). The Segments tab displays a segment’s name, tags, authors, last export timestamp and last modified date.

custom segments.png

View scheduled  exports.


Delete segment if needed (it is possible to restore the segment from the trash).


Learn more: about how to create a segment.


Featured Segments tab

Smart segments need to be set by an administrator.

Warning: Access to view/ edit featured segments will depend on the user role. To check what is your user role and permissions, go to the "User Settings". 

smart segments.png


Smart Segments tab

Smart segments need to be set by an administrator. Those are simple standard segments, usually with 1 condition.

Currently is possible to set:

  • Age group
  • Channel preference
  • Customer interaction
  • Customer lifetime
  • EDM engagement
  • Email subscription
  • Favourite device
  • Location
  • Mobile app engagement
  • Permission to contact
  • Source
  • Spending frequency
  • Spending recency
  • Web engagement
  • Total spend

Smart segments are visible to all users based on the user role.

If you do not see conditions set for smart segments, please contact the administrator.

Warning: To edit a smart segment,  copy it to custom segments. Segment view/ edit is limited by user role and permissions granted (check your user role and permissions in the "User Settings" tab).



Tags tab

Tags help to manage segments across Meiro Business Explorer. Create, edit and delete tags in the Segments tab/ Tags tab. 

Learn more: about tags from this article.