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How to build segments of customers

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Start with smart segments or featured segments

Segments: create, export, customer profiles, insights

Practical Examples



Start with smart or featured segments

Smart segments are the most common segments ready and set to use. It is possible to copy a smart segment and edit it further, export it, see its customer profiles or segment insights. Go to the Smart Segments tab and start browsing.



featured  segments.png 

Segments: create, export, customer profiles, insights

Go to the Custom Segments tab to create segments of customers. 


Create a segment

A segment is a group of customers with the same attributes (characteristics). Start by clicking on the Create Segment button.


Select conditions

Each attribute & condition narrows the segment result. Start adding conditions by clicking on the Add Condition button. 



Search for attributes from the drop-down list, add conditions to narrow your search further.

Click on the Save Conditions button to apply your changes. 



Remember: if no conditions are selected, segmented will be 100% of customers database. 

Segmentation summary 

 See the summary of your segment in the side panel. It is also possible to:

-assign to segment tag in order to manage segments in the Segments tab, 

-drop a note, 

-view customer profiles for this segment. 





Insights contain attributes and conditions calculated explicitly for the segmented audience. 


Learn more: Learn more about insights here.

Export segment

Export segment or schedule an export to a destination. 

Exported data will be only for customers that have matching mandatory attributes defined for export to these destinations (listed under "Exportable").


 Learn more: about exporting segments from these articles.


Practical examples, tips and more

Segment builder: tutorials, explanations & tips

Practical examples:

Engaged customers who prefer browsing on a mobile device

Customers who have email engagement in a particular country

Customers who visited the website, added items in the cart but left without a purchase

Website visitors who are non-customers