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User Interface of Meiro Business Explorer

After logging into Meiro Business Explorer, you will get access to the following:


User settings

The User Settings tab displays the main information relevant to the user account: name, email, role, and permissions. 

Notifications Allows users to quickly and easily view updates and alerts without navigating away from their current page.

Knowledge base

Source of information and resources that provide users easy access to documentation, tutorials, and other helpful resources related to a particular feature.

Home page  Shortcut to Diagnostic Dashboard & notification center. 
Profiles Search for individual customer profiles.


Build segments of customer profiles and activate data. Check out featured segments and smart segments prebuilt to use.


View the Diagnostic Dashboards, Insights available for all customer profiles' databases, and reporting dashboards. Each Reporting dashboard under the Reporting tab is customized for every client and visible if set. Reporting is set in an external tool and displayed in Meiro.


personalized campaigns aimed to deliver targeted messages through various digital channels, such as mobile push, web banners, promo codes, and email, to engage and communicate with customers.

Data library

Learn about attributes, events, sources, and destinations within CDP.


The administration tab contains three subtabs for Configurations, Entities, and User setup.

Learn more: about the Configurations tab, Entities tab, and User setup tab.

    Warning: access level depends on granted permissions. If you do not see sections that you wish to have access to, please get in touch with your administrator.