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User Interface of Meiro Business Explorer


After logging into Meiro Business Explorer, you will get access to:

var checkoutURL = "https://www.example.com"
var getProductFromResponse = function (response) {
const product = response.data.data.cart.items[0].product
return {
imgSrc: product.thumbnail.url,
name: product.name,
Homepage  Shortcut to Diagnostic Dashboard & notification center
Customers Search for individual customer profiles.


Build segments of customers and activate data. Check out featured segments, smart segments prebuilt to use.


Learn about available customer data. View the Diagnostic Dashboards, list of all attributes, events, sources, destinations. See insights available for all customers' databases.


Reporting tab with reproting dashboards. Each Reporting tab is customized for each client and visible if set. Reporting is set in an external tool and displayed in Meiro.


Personalize campaign for a particular segmented audience and send campaign to the website, track its performance.  

    Warning: access level depends on granted permissions. If you do not see sections that you wish to have access to, please contact your administrator.

    Tab: Homepage & notification center

    Tab: Customers

    Tab: Segments

    Tab: Data

    Tab: Reporting

    Tab: Setup

    Tab: Administration

    Tab: Trash

    Tab: User Settings