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Attributes labels setup

Entities setup is usually done by the Meiro team.

In the Administration/Entities/Attribute labels tab, it is possible to create, edit and delete attribute labels. Labels can be assigned to attributes, which helps manage attributes across the Meiro Business Explorer interface.

PII protection

Labeled attributes can be hidden due to PII data protection (Administration tab/ Settings tab).


Profile Detail: Profile Highlights

Labeled attributes can be displayed in the Profile Highlights card in the Customer Profile Detail. 

Those attributes may hold the customer profile's personal information (e.g., first and last name, city and country, last brand interaction, phone number, etc.).

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Learn more: about how to set the customer Profile Highlights label

Profile Detail: Channel Engagement

Labeled attributes that will be used in the Channel Engagement card in the customer Profile Detail.


Learn more: about how to set the Channel Engagement label