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Identity stitching setup

Entities setup is typically done by the Meiro team.

In the Administration/Entities/Identity Stitching tab, it is possible to: create, edit and delete rules that will apply to identity stitching. 

Each customer database is different, therefore, it is important to approach each identity stitching individually. The Meiro algorithm will calculate customer identities based on rules defined on what identifiers to choose and where they can be found.

Warning: Changed rules will be applied to new events (not historical ones).

Warning: To set identity stitching, it is important to define events first.

Learn more: To learn about identity stitching, please refer to this article

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To create a rule, please click on the Create button and fill out the form:

Attribute Select an attribute for the rule.
Event Select events where this attribute can be found.
Value Define the value that will be stitched further and wherein the payload it will be located.

Remember: It is possible to set multiple rules for one attribute.