Where to start

Product tour

When you first log in to Meiro Business Explorer, you will notice the Welcome Screen pop-up. It brings you through four learning scenarios that explain the main concepts of the platform: Dashboard, Customers tab, Segments tab, Data tab, as well as basic concepts attributes, events, data source).


The tour can be skipped or reactivated at any time simply by clicking the “?” sign on the top menu.



Additional hints in the layout

To make terminology more understandable we added information windows to the layout which will give an explanation of the main concepts. 



Meiro User Documentation

To dive deeper into the Meiro Business Explorer we recommend reading the User Documentation that is divided into :

Explains the main concept of the product and its terminology, as well as terms and conditions, technical support and security advice. 

User Interface
Dives deeper into specific tabs and explains their layout in details.

Getting Started
Helps you to start work with Meiro Business Explorer showing main features and possibilities.

Explores practical examples. 

Contains the most common questions and answers.  


New releases and updates

To learn about the newest updates in the product please read our product blog.