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How to get your Meiro Cookie ID and locate your profile in Meiro CDP

After verifying that the Meiro SDK has been correctly implemented, follow these steps to obtain your Meiro Cookie ID and identify your profile in Meiro CDP:

1. Access your browser's developer tools. In Google Chrome, you can find this by going to View > Developer > Developer Tools.
2. Within the developer tools, navigate to the Network tab. 
3. Access your website with all ad-blockers and shields turned off. 
4. Provide the consent for cookies, and you should see the network tab displaying a list of requests made by the website.
5. To filter and isolate Meiro events, use the Filter field at the top of the Network tab. You can enter one of the following keywords to filter Meiro-related requests: "me." "meiro," or "events."

This filtering should help you narrow down the list and identify at least one Meiro fetch event with a status code of 200. This success is typically a result of triggering the page view event.  On the first session visit, we should also trigger two additional events: "fb_cid_sync" and "ga_cid_sync."

6. Upon clicking on one of these events, you will see Request Payload, which contains the information sent to Meiro with this event. Look for "user_id," which is your desired Meiro Cookie ID. Right-click it and copy the value.

7. In Meiro CDP, go to the Profiles tab. First, click the Profile Highlights dropdown and navigate to your web source, which is usually named self-explanatorily, like "web" or "website." In this source, you should see "1PT Meiro Web IDs from the last 90 days." Select it.

8. Now, paste your Meiro Cookie ID copied from the page view event into the search field and start the search. You should see your profile in the results, and after clicking it, you can check attributes calculated from your actions.