Glossary: what is what in Meiro Business Explorer


Attributes are characteristics of a customer that help to build a more holistic picture of a customer (e.g. information about personal data, revenue spent and opened campaigns etc).

A list of all attributes can be found in the Data tab (Attributes tab)

To learn what is a compound attribute, please go to this article



A condition is an attribute or set of attributes chosen for a particular segment. Each attribute is defined by a specific filter that personalizes the result.

To understand how conditions work, please refer to this article, the Segments tab or these tutorials.



Data Source

A data source can be any tool that collects customer data (online shop, marketing tool etc.)

A list of all identified data sources can be found in the Data tab (Sources and Destination tab).



A data destination can be any tool that can store customer data (database, CSV file, advertising platform).

A list of all available data destinations can be found in the Data tab (Sources and Destination tab).



Events are behaviours of a customer. It shows information about what actions a customer has performed and when they have performed them. 

A list of all events can be found in the Data tab (Events tab).



Labels can be assigned to a particular attribute by a Meiro analyst at our backend.

A list of attributes with labels is visible in the Data tab (Attributes tab) and in the Attributes tab on the Customer Detail page

Labels can be chosen by your Meiro Business Explorer Administrator for Channel Engagement and PII protection settings. They can also help to filter particular attributes.

To learn about the usage of labels, please refer to the articles about “How labels work”. 




A segment is a personalised query that helps to filter customers by their attributes. Segmenting helps to specify data for a particular need.

To learn about the Segments tab and how to create your own segment, please refer to the tutorial




Tags can be assigned to a segment and they help you to manoeuvre within different segments. Tags can be created and edited by the administrator of Meiro Business Explorer.

A list of available tags is in the Data tab (the Tags tab). An administrator can edit and create tags in the Administration tab (the Tags tab)