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Web banners: FAQs

Will a web banner appear immediately to the user after it is set? The SDK is cached in the user’s browser with an expiration limit—this might be up to 30 minutes, depending on the setting for a particular instance. This means that if the user has just opened your website and received the SDK, they will not receive any changes to the SDK for the duration of the expiration interval. Therefore, while some users will see the new banner immediately, it might take some time for all users to be able to see the new banner.
What will happen if multiple web banners have the same priority set and same conditions? If multiple banners have their conditions fulfilled and have the same priority, the banner which has been shown to this user the least number of times will be selected or the one that has been shown the longest time ago.
What will happen if I have no conditions set for the web banner? If no conditions are set, the banner will always be considered for display and will only be limited by frequency cap and priority settings.
Who is considered "user" in web banners settings? A user is defined by "cookie" in the browser. Each "user" has assigned a "cookie" hence it is identified as a separate "user". 
What is the definition of "session" in web banner frequency? It is the activity of the user within the 30 minutes.
If a web banner is re-named which name is used in reporting or in attributes? Usually it is the latest name that is used in attributes or reporting, but each individual name can be tracked as well (to discuss details contact the Meiro team).