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Channel Engagement: how does it work and how to set it up


Learn from this article:

How does it work

How to set it up

How does it work

The Channel Engagement helps to identify channels (data sources) with high/ low engagement.

The Engagement Score for a customer is calculated based on his/her activity levels compared to all other customers. It is calculated in deciles (multiples of 10). A higher engagement score means that the customer is more engaged.
Example: A customer with an engagement score of 70 on the Website channel means that he/she is more engaged than 70% of customers who browsed the site.

This definition can be personalised to suit clients' needs (please contact the Meiro team).


How to set it up

1. Define attributes for Channel Engagement (Setup tab/ Attributes tab)

2. Label them, for example, "Channel Engagement" (Setup tab/ Labels)

3. Pick this label for Channel Engagement (Administration tab/ Settings tab)