Build your segment: Customers who visited the website, added items in the cart but left without a purchase

It’s common to have customers leave items in the cart and leave before making a purchase. It is also common for businesses to want to find out who these customers are in order to nudge them to make a purchase. 

  1. First, we select customers who have visited the shopping cart page. 
  2. Next, we can select customers who have a particular number of visits on the product pages. This is to segment customers who are actively browsing on your webpages. In this case, the number we have set is 3. 
  3. Third, we select customers who have not made any transactions. 
  4. Connect all conditions by selecting the ‘AND’ option. You can choose how conditions are connected by toggling between ‘AND’ or ‘OR’. 
  5. Save condition and see the Segmentation Summary, export customer data to the chosen destination or look at the individual customer’s profiles.



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