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Setup guide: meta attributes

The setup guide is for setting up Meiro Business Explorer, usually, it is done by the Meiro team.

In the Setup/ Meta attributes tab, it is possible to set meta attributes that will be used through Meiro Business Explorer.

Learn more: about meta attributes here.

Create a meta attribute

To create a meta attribute, click on the ‘Create Meta Attribute’ button and fill out the form.


Meta attribute ID

(required, not editable later)

Insert a unique identifier of the meta attribute. It can not be the same as any other attribute or meta attribute. Meta attributes’ IDs are case-sensitive.


The definition of a meta attribute dictates the query you want to have available as Common Table Expression (CTE).

SQL query


The custom option allows managing attribute definition through a SQL query.

Remember: it is not allowed to query the “customer_events” table.