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Setup guide: export to Facebook Custom Anonymous Audience

The setup guide is for setting up Meiro Business Explorer, usually, it is done by the Meiro team. 


The Facebook destination needs to be set within the Administration/Entities/Destinations tab.

The prerequisite is that the export destination needs to be first created by the Meiro team and within the Meiro Integrations.

Learn more: about how to set Facebook Custom Anonymous Audience destination in Meiro Integrations.

Set up

The destination can be set in the Meiro Business Explorer in the Administration/Entities/Destinations tab.

Destination ID

(required, not editable)

"The Destination ID" is a numeric value that analysts will refer to within the Meiro Integrations environment. After you choose the ID, it will not be possible to change it later on.

Find the right workspace in Meiro Integrations, with  the CDP component responsible for the data load:


Check Destination ID in Meiro Integrations:

destination ID MI.png

Insert Destination ID in the Meiro Business Explorer.


Name (required)

The name will be visible across the Meiro Business Explorer for the users (Data Library/ Destination tab, segment detail)

Description (optional)

It is possible to add a description to the destination. The description will be displayed for use in the Data Library/ Destination tab.

Icon (required)

The icon will be visible across the Meiro Business Explorer for the users (insights, Data Library/  Attributes, Sources and Destinations tabs,  segments, and customer profiles).

Exported & Mandatory   attributes


"Exported attributes" - values of exported attributes will be sent to the dedicated Meiro Integrations workspace, then to the destination.
"Mandatory attributes" all customers in the export must have those attributes' values known.
For this destination, both "exported attribute" and "mandatory attribute" are:

  • Fb client id

Meiro Integrations


"MI workspace" refers to the workspace in Meiro Integration which will be executed when the segment is exported.

To run exports you need to know the name of the workspace. You should get the name of the respective workspace from the Meiro data analyst.

Meiro data analyst takes care of the Meiro Integration's workspace preparation, and data transformation for a specific destination (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics). Each destination requires a different (very specific) data structure.


Audience Name


Facebook Custom Anonymous Audience loader requires setting up an Audience Name parameter. 

Audience name inserted here, will be visible in the Facebook Business Manager (Meta Business Suite) under Settings> Add account settings> Select account> Event Manager> Meiro’s Pixel> Meiro Segment>View Detail> Recent Activity> URL


Will be referred to when setting up audiences in the Audiences section.

Learn more about how to export from Meiro Business Explorer to Facebook Pixel.

audience name facebook audience.png 

Meiro Integrations Key (required):  audience_name

It is set up by analysts and needs to be the same key as in workspace variables in Meiro Integrations.


Name (required): Audience Name

The name will be displayed for the user in the segments export parameter section.


Required field (checkbox): ticked

This field is required to be filled in to export to Facebook.


Value from the list (checkbox): not ticked

Ticked makes a possible selection from the value drop-down list. Unticked disables drop-down list.


User input (checkbox):  ticked

This field is required to be filled in to export to Facebook.



Example: As in the screenshot above "audience_name" will refer to Meiro Integrations workspace, while for business users in Meiro Business Explorer this field will be visible as "Audience name". It will be a required field, without drop-down and user input required.

Remember: Facebook Custom Anonymous Audience loader does not require: "Audience ID", nor "Retention days" as Facebook Audience loader. It is because Facebook Custom Anonymous Audience loader updated Facebook Pixel events, not Facebook Audiences. It is possible to create an audience out of Facebook Pixel. In this case "Retention days" can be set in the Facebook environment.

Learn more about how to export Facebook Custom Anonymous Audience to Facebook Pixel and create Facebook Audiences.