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Tab: Personalization/ Web banners

Personalization/ Web Banners tab enables creating and setting rules to display popup banners and display them to the users of the website.

Prerequisites to work with web banners:

  • The Meiro Events SDK is enabled on the website and the Meiro Events instance is connected to Meiro Business Explorer.
  • The feature is enabled in Meiro Business Explorer by your administrator.

Both are usually set by the Meiro team. 

Web banner form:
Name web banner (required)  
When to display web banner

Conditions to display web banners


What date/ time: datetime, day of the week, Hours of the day, 


Other available conditions:

browser language, browser, cookie, device, Google Tag Manager, hostname, HTTP, local storage, page titles, pathname, referrer, URL, UTM campaign, UTM medium, UTM source.


How to display web banner

Frequency cap (optional)

Position (required)

Priority (required)

HTML/ Image (required)

Select "Active" if you wish a web banner to be displayed straight after creation. 

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