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Setup guide: attributes


Setup guide is for setting up Meiro Business Explorer, usually it is done by the Meiro team.

In the Setup/ Attributes tab it is possible to set attributes that will be used through Meiro Business Explorer.

A full list of attributes will be visible to users in the Data tab/ Attributes tab.

Learn from this article:

Create an attribute

Edit/ show-hide an attribute

1. Create an attribute

To create an attribute, please click on the Create Attribute button and fill the form. 



Attribute ID

(required, not editable later)

Insert a unique identifier of the attribute, attribute ID. It can not be the same as any other attribute. It is needed for further reference and it will be visible in the Meiro Integrations in exports as a column name. 

All operators on string are case insensitive.


Name your attribute. The name will be visible across Meiro Business Explorer. If needed it is possible to edit the name later on. 


(not editable later)

Pick the right data source for this attribute. It will not be possible to edit it later. 



It is an optional field to draw a description of an attribute. A list of attributes and descriptions will be visible within the Data tab/ Attributes tab.


Assign the right label to your attribute. Labels help to manage attributes across the Meiro interface.

Learn more: To learn about labels, please go to this article

Data Settings

In the Data Settings section, you can set:

  • A single value (attribute for a customer will always have only 1 value) or multiple values.

  • Define the attribute as a single scalar value (number, string, boolean...) or compound (composed by dimensions. Each dimension has its own id, name, and scalar data type.)

Warning: After saving those fields it will not be possible to edit them. To make a change after saving attributes would need to be hidden and a new one created.


Single/ Multiple

It defines if the attribute can or can not hold single/ multiple values. The "single" attribute will always have exactly one value per customer, "multiple" can have multiple values per customer. 


Data type

Pick the right data type for your attribute.

For compound data types is mandatory to specify:

Dimension ID: Please insert here a unique identifier for the compound attribute. 

Name: Insert a name for the compound attribute. 

Data type: Pick data type for the compound attribute.

Definition (coming soon, currently the definition of an attribute is defined in the database itself)


Until it is not possible to define attribute definition in the Meiro interface, it has to be done within the database. 

Definition of an attribute dictates how the value of the attribute for a customer should be calculated. The result of the calculation should be of correct form to be in check with the data type.

You have at your disposal a number of predefined calculations like most frequent, count, list, min, max, avg, least frequent.

On the other side, you can set up a totally custom attribute using SQL query.


Event source: Select on what sources this attribute will be calculated, select from the drop-down list.


Event type: Select on what event types this attribute will be calculated, select event type from the drop-down list.


Event versions: Select the version from the drop-down list. It is possible to select a single version or multiple versions. 


Calculation type: Select calculation type from the drop-down list (for example least/ most frequent, sum etc.)


Values/ Outer value/ Weight/ Filter/ Outer filter/ Event timeL Please fill the fields so it is corresponding to Meiro Integrations.


The custom option allows managing attribute definition through a SQL query.

Remember: Changes will be saved after clicking on the Save button.

Remember: Newly created attributes will appear with the New badge that will stay for the next 7 days.

2. Edit/show-hide attribute

At any time it is possible to edit attributes. If needed It is possible to hide an attribute from the Meiro interface. 

For example, It is not possible to edit Attribute ID, Sources, Data Settings. If changes are needed, It is recommended to hide the incorrect attribute and create a new one.