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Tab: Personalization/ Pop up web banners

Pop up web banners tab enables creating and setting rules to display pop up banners and display them to the users on the chosen  website.


To work with pop up web banners, first, they need to be set by the Meiro team:

  1. Meiro Events must be implemented. 
  2. Pop up web banners tab must be enabled by the administrator for your user role.
  3. Meiro Events API connection must be set in the Administration/ Settings tab.
Global settings

Global settings enable the setting of the global rules applicable for all pop up web banners. They are optional and do not need to be set. Rules can be edited at any time. Global setting rules will also overwrite individual settings for each pop up web banner. 

Global count for all banners per user

Rule: {number} times during period {number} session/ hours/ days

The rule works across all banners. It limits the number of banners displayed for 1 user.

Warning: the number of impressions is stored in the browser's local storage. If the local storage is cleared, the user may see the pop up web banner more times. 

Learn more: about cookies.

Show banner after a number of page views

Rule: After {number} pageviews

The rule works across all banners. It specifies after how many page views during 1 session banners will be displayed.

Pop up web banners list



Search for pop up web banner name.


The name of the pop up web banner. 


The priority is assigned to the pop up web banner (from 0 to 10, where 10 is the highest). Can be edited in the pop up web banner.


Publish/ unpublish pop up web banner.

Modified at

Date and time when the pop up web banner was modified, and who did changes to the web banner.

Edit/ Delete

Edit pop up web banner's form or delete a pop up web banner.  Deleted Pop up Web Banners are stored in the trash tab.

Learn more: about how to restore deleted web banner

Pop up web banner form
Name pop up web banner (required) Name of web banner that will be visible in the list of web banners set on the Pop up web banner tab.
When to display pop up web banner
  • Conditions to display pop up web banners:

- What date/ time: datetime, day of the week, Hours of the day, 

- Other available conditions:

browser language, browser, cookie, device, Google Tag Manager, hostname, HTTP, local storage, page titles, pathname, referrer, URL, UTM campaign, UTM medium, and UTM source.

  • Frequency cap (optional)
  • Priority (required)
  • Display conditions (optional)
How to display pop up web banner
  • HTML/ image web banner design (required)
  • Minimized web banner design (optional)

Select "Active" if you wish a pop up web banner to be displayed straight after creation. 

Learn more: about pop up web banner form & conditions

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