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Setup guide: reporting

Reporting/ Setup tab enabled to connect to the reporting platform (usually Metabase, but other connections are also possible). Set reports will be visible in the Reporting tab.

Prerequisite: connection between Meiro Business Explorer needs to be set by the Meiro team. 

Metabase button Metabase button directs to the Metabase that is in most cases source of reporting. 
Create button

Report Name: The name of the report will be visible in the Reporting tab.

Metabase Dashboard ID: Insert ID of the dashboard from Metabase. ID is at the end of the URL e.g. for the URL  https://cdp.meiro.dev/reports/browse/2 , ID will be 2


Enable/ Disable report in the Reporting tab.





Remember: as soon as you set & enable the first report, the tab will be visible to the users that are enabled to view the Reporting tab. 

Learn more about basic reporting available in Meiro Business  Explorer, please refer to this article. Custom reports are also possible, to learn more contact Meiro team.