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Setup guide: insights


Setup guide is for setting up Meiro Business Explorer, usually it is done by the Meiro team.

Insights are a set of cards in the Insights dashboard that display quick data insights: chosen attributes and conditions.

In the Setup/ Insights tab it is possible to set insights that will be viewed in:




1. To create an insight, please click on the Create Insight button.

Warning: Please keep in mind that insights displayed in the Setup tab are randomized.


2. Then fill the form.


Name (required) The name will be displayed on the top of the tile.
Description (optional)  The description will be displayed in the expanded tile.
Attribute (required) 

The insight will be calculated for the attribute of your choice.

Condition (required) For each attribute, you will be able to pick certain conditions that fit its data type. As conditions depend on attributes, to select the condition you should first pick attributes.
Further details displayed for particular conditions (required) For some conditions, additional parameters need to be filled. 
Pick a color (optional) Optionally you can change the color of a tile. If you will not pick the color, the color chosen for the attribute data source will be used.  


3. After editing please click on the Save button or Save and Create New One button. Changes will be saved in real-time.


4. Insights' tiles can be also moved around through a simple drag-drop system, edited further or delete insight tile at any time. 


5.  Insight tiles will be visible in the Data tab/ Insights tab with insight values for your whole customers' database or in the Segment Detail/ Insights tab with insights for each segment. 



Learn more: To learn what are insights and how they work, please refer to this article.