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Setup guide: export to Google Analytics/ Google Ads/ Google Ad Manager

Setup guide is for setting up Meiro Business Explorer, usually it is done by the Meiro team.

Google destination can be set within the Setup tab/ Destination tab.


Learn from this article:

How to set Google Analytics/ Ads in Meiro Business Explorer

How does it all work behind the scenes 



1. How to set Google Analytics/ Ads/ Ad Manager in Meiro Business Explorer

Prerequisite is that Google Analytics destination must be first set as the export destination for Meiro Business Explorer. If it is not, please contact the Meiro team.

Google Analytics destination can be set in the Setup tab/ Destinations tab. Google Ads/ Google Ad Manager can be managed through the Google Analytics account.


Destination ID

(required, not editable)

Destination ID is a numeric value that analysts will refer to within Meiro Integrations environment. After you choose the ID, it will not be possible to change later on.


Name (required)

The name will be visible across the Meiro Business Explorer for the users (Data tab/ Sources&Destination tab, Segment detail)

Description (optional)

It is possible to add description to the destination. Description will be displayed for use in the Data tab/ Sources & Destination tab.

Icon (required)

The icon will be visible across the Meiro Business Explorer for the users (insights, Data tab/  Attributes, Sources&Destinations,  segments, customer profiles). 



Mandatory attribute: Google Analytics: Google Client ID

Exported attribute: Google Client ID



Leave parameter as an input field (checkbox Input field), mark as a required field (checkbox Required field). 



2. How does it all work behind the scenes

Within Meiro is it possible to set Google Audience/ Google Ads export. Below is an example of architecture. Please, keep in mind that this can vary from client to client. Therefore for details contact the Meiro team. 

3-products.pngFirst, it is important to connect Google Analytics cookies with Meiro Events (Meiro Events SDK collects Google Client IDs in its payloads). This is usually done with the help of the Meiro team during the implementation of Meiro Events SDK on the website. 


In this way, Google Client ID appears (external_id, _ga cookie) that enables matching between Meiro and Google Analytics.  Google Client ID can be set further as one of the attributes that will help to make sure that only customers that are known in Google Analytics are segmented and exported. The Google Client ID should be set together with implementing Meiro Events SDK on the website. It will be enabled as an attribute by an analyst that is setting up Meiro. If in doubt please contact the Meiro team.

Within Meiro we are looking at all Google Client IDs for the last 30 days. The reason for this is that the Google Client ID is sent with every page view collected by Meiro Events. So, for cookies with expiration 7 days, Google Client Ids can not be targeted as they have already expired.

Learn more: To learn how to export your segment to Google Analytics/ Google Ads, please reach out to: Tutorial: How to export my audience to Google Analytics and Google Ads


3. FAQs

What information will be sent?

The event for each member of the segment will be sent to the so-called Measurement Protocol.

Measurement Protocol is an API with no authentication that accepts all events collected by Meiro Events SDKs of Google Analytics (meaning all page views, transactions, etc.).



There is no limit on how fast and how many events one can send to this API.

There is a limit on how many events will be processed for an account. For example, for Google Analytics it is 10M events per month.  

Please learn about limitations in the Google documentation.

Audience duration

It is not possible to remove people from the audience. Once the audience is sent, it stays there.


Remember: The person is removed from the audience after a specified period of time. This can be defined while setting up the audience as "Membership duration".  Membership duration can vary from 1 day to 540 days.


If you set the value to 7 days, create a new audience, and send the events for all members, the audience will be active to target for 7 days.

If within these 7 days one sends the event of membership to the audience again, the clock resets and a new 7 days period starts running.

Once an audience is created and until events are sent with the same name from CDP to Measurement Protocol, the load is incremental. 

For example, for an audience with a membership duration of 7 days, today 10 people audience was exported, tomorrow 30 people audience, so it will be considered as 40 altogether. On the 7th day after the first export, it will have a size of 30 people (as 10 people will not be included anymore, their membership was defined for 7 days), but a day after will reset to  0 again (as membership expires for all the audience).


Does it work in real-time?


Export from Meiro to Google analytics happens in real-time. 

Export from Google Analytics to Google Ads takes up to 24 hours. 



How to set Google Ads?


Google Ads are managed through Google Audience account, they do not have to be set within Meiro Business Explorer.


Learn more: To learn how to send the audience to  Google Ads, please go to this article.


Available destinations through Google

List of Google destinations where the custom audience can be exported: 

    • Google search
    • Display advertising (Google Ads Display, Google Ads RLSA, Display & Video 360, Google Ad Manager)
    • Services like Google Optimize, Google Analytics

Learn more: from Google documentation here.