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Segment export: Criteo


To export to Criteo, this destination must be set by the administrator. 


To export to Criteo fill the parameters in the Choose Destination section.


Advertiser ID

(required, user input)

Criteo Advertiser ID.

Audience ID

(optional, user input)

Audience ID is an optional field, when left empty, it creates a new audience upon export, with the name defined in Audience Name, and description in Audience Description. If filled, it adds new users to an existing audience upon export, but it won't modify the Audience Name and Audience Description.

Audience Name

(required, user input)

The name that will be visible in Criteo Audiences.

Audience Description (required, user input)

The description will be visible in Criteo Audiences.


In Criteo, go to Assets -> Audiences

image (1).png



What are the exported attributes/ values for this destination?

Email values will be exported to this destination. 

What are mandatory attributes for this destination?

In order to export to this destination the email needs to be known to the customer.