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Loader Criteo

This component creates a new audience or updates users to an existing audience in Criteo. When updating an audience, the loader first deletes the users in the audience and then adds users.

Data In/ Data Out

Data In

CSV used for identifiers should be located in /data/in/tables/.

The input CSV file is a list of users to be added to the audience, with each row being the identifier type (type) and an identifier (value). The file must contain type and value as headers.

Possible values for type are:




Email address.

It is strongly recommended to send the email addresses hashing with MD5, or SHA256 of its MD5 hash as a best practice.

Learn more: About adding users to audience here under Audience Management.


Mobile ad identifier.


LiveRamp identity link.


Criteo GUM cookie identifier.


The unique identifier assigned to a specific customer or user of the platform.


Warning: Please ensure that the customerid to be uploaded is the same type of identifiers that Criteo has configured. If the identifiers are different, they will not be matched

Examples of CSV input:






Data Out


Learn more: about the folder structure here.

Learn more: about managing users in an audience here.


new criteo loader .png

Advertiser ID (required)

Criteo Advertiser ID.

Audience ID (optional)

Audience ID of an existing audience to be updated in Criteo. 

Leaving this empty would create a new audience.

If specified, the component updates users to the audience specified by the ID. 

Remember: Audience ID must be specified if you wish to update an existing audience.

Remember: You must fill in the Name of New Audience and Description of New Audience parameters if this is left empty.

Name of New Audience (required if new audience is created)

Name of the audience to be created. This must be specified if the Audience ID is not specified.

Description of New Audience (required if new audience is created)

Description of the audience to be created. This must be specified if the Audience ID is not specified.

API Client ID (required)

Criteo API Client ID.

API Client Secret (required)

Criteo API Client secret.

CSV Input File Name(required)

The filename of the CSV input file.


I successfully updated the audience, why does it not show up in Criteo?

Please check if the audience size is big enough. 
In Criteo, audiences with less than 500 identifiers would not be processed.

Moreover, if there are less than 1000 matched identifiers, the audience Status in Criteo will show that there is Not Enough Data and will not be usable in Criteo.