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Connector Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to streamline and enhance sales processes. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing leads, deals, and communications, providing businesses with a centralized hub for tracking and optimizing their sales pipelines. The integration of Pipedrive with CDP allows for seamless synchronization of important customer data, including contact details, deal progress, and communication history.

Data In/ Data Out

Data In


Data Out

Results will be saved as a ndjson in the Data Out bucket out/files

Learn more: about the folder structure here.


Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 11.12.12 AM.png

To authorize the connector, click on authorize and log in to your Pipedrive account.


Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 11.13.13 AM.png

Include Activities (optional) 

Check if you want to include the activities of a contact in their contact information.