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Loader Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to streamline sales processes and enhance team collaboration. It provides a user-friendly interface for managing leads, deals, and contacts, enabling businesses to track and optimize their sales pipelines effectively.

Business value in CDP

By leveraging Pipedrive as a loader, businesses can effortlessly migrate customer and sales-related data from their CDP, such as valuable customer insights and interactions, into Pipedrive's organized structure. This integration facilitates a more holistic view of customer relationships, empowering sales teams with enriched data to make informed decisions and improve overall efficiency in their sales processes within the Pipedrive CRM ecosystem.

Setting up the loader in MI

This component allows you to load data into Pipedrive.

Data In/ Data Out

Data In Upload all files in /data/in/files
Data Out N/A

Learn more: about the folder structure here.


On Pipedrive, you must ensure the callback URL is linked to Meiro integrations. This can be found on the Marketplace manager tab under OAuth & Access scopes.



Ensure that you have set up the Pipedrive OAuth repository. You will need the client ID and client secret for it.

pipedrive 5.png

Upon creating your loader Pipedrive configuration, authorize Pipedrive by clicking on the green "Authorize" button and give it an account name (optional).


It will lead you to the Pipedrive website to confirm authorisation. 


Pipedrive will be authorized and ready to use. 



No parameters need to be filled. Components work automatically upon authorization.

How does Pipedrive work upon loading data?
  1. Loading Activities
    • activities.csv is expected in the path: /data/in/tables/activities.csv
    • Example of valid activities:01.png
    • Notice column ID in the example when ID is UNKNOWN: new activity will be assigned to a person, deal or organization according to Pipedrive API fields for adding activities.
    • When the ID column is KNOWN: activity with a specific ID  will be updated according to Pipedrive API fields for updated activities.
    • Not all possible parameters from the Pipedrive API are covered by the Pipedrive loader component. We can upload only: id,subject,done,type,due_date,due_time,duration,user_id,deal_id,person_id,participants, org_id, note.
    • Activities will appear to specific person_id  or deal_id  or organization_id if the information is filled in the activities.csv file.

  2. Loading Persons: 
    • persons.csv is expected in the path; /data/in/tables/persons.csv
    • Example of valid persons: 
    • When an ID column is UNKNOWN: a new person is created in the Pipedrive according to the Pipedrive API - adding a person.  Name column is required.
    • When ID columns are KNOWN: you can update properties of the user with a certain ID according to the Pipedrive API to UPDATE the user.


Where does the data end up after I load them?

Activities are assigned to specific persons, deals, or organisations depending on the IDs known in the activities.csv file.

For persons: New person card is created or overwritten (updated) by new information given in persons.csv  When updating ID of person needs to be known as a required parameter.


Does it overwrite data with the same name?

This will depend on the input file specified in Data In.

When the ID of a person in person.csv or activity in activities.csv is KNOWN: those persons and activities are going to be updated. Any existing data will be overwritten. 


Is there an option of incremental load? The current version of the Pipedrive loader does not support an incremental load.