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Connector Magento V2

Magento V2 is an open-source e-commerce platform renowned for its flexibility and scalability, designed to empower businesses with robust online storefronts. As a comprehensive solution, Magento V2 not only facilitates efficient management of product catalogs, customer orders, and payment processes but also supports the integration of third-party extensions to enhance functionality.

The Connector Magento V2 component collects data from several Magento API resources.

Data In/Data Out

Data In N/A
Data Out ndjson files in the out/files folder.

Learn more: about the folder structure please go to this article. 


URL (required) The URL for the API.
Access Token (required)

It is used for authorization. The token acts like an electronic key that lets you access the API. Users can get it by setting up new integration in the Magento interface.


System > Extensions > Integrations -> Integration


Learn more: About the access token here.


Magento API connector is using 2 API endpoints customers  and orders.

Get Orders (optional) Check the box if you want to send a GET API request with the orders endpoints.
Modified Since (required) Start time range period. 
Modified Until (required) End time range period.
Get Customers (optional) Check the box if you want to send a GET API request with the customers endpoints.