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Processor Create File

The Create File processor's purpose is to create a file with content and an extension of your choice. It can be used to create input in CSV or JSON format for the next configuration.

Data In/Data Out

Data In


Data Out

The file or table with the extension and name defined by a user is located in data/out/tables or data/out/files folder.

Learn more: about the folder structure please go to this article.



Directory (required)

Choose where you want to locate the created file:

  • Table data/out/tables 

  • File data/out/files 

File (required)

The name of the file of your choice. To create a file in a specific format, please choose an appropriate extension i.e. CSV, JSON, TXT.


Code Editor (optional)

Fill in the content of the file using Code Editor. Please note that there is no validation process for checking if the content of the file matches the extension.  The processor cannot detect if the format of your input in Code Editor is valid or not and will simply create the file with the extension that you have defined.  


For example, the following configuration will run successfully:

column1, column2 value1, value2


It will result in the file table.json with comma-separated values which is a valid format for JSON.


Learn more: How to search & replace within a code editor here.