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Loader CDP destination

This component allows loading values for parameters in CDP.

Data In/Data Out

Data In 

  • The names of input files must consist of parameter_name and extension .csv
  • The CSV files should be without a header containing value, value_name where value_name is typically human-readable text describing the value.

Data Out


Learn more: about folder structure in configuration here.


Destination ID


The ID for the destination which should be the same as in CDP.



You can load values in two modes:

  • full_load: Replace all parameter values in CDP with values from CSV files.
  • upsert: Update existing values in CDP with new values from CSV files and add all values from CSV files that are not in CDP to CDP.



API Access by filling in the URL, email, and password fields.

Verify request


In most cases, the "verify request" option in the CDP destination loader configuration has no significant impact. However, it becomes crucial when operating CDP on-premises with custom SSL certificates that are not recognized by MI. Enabling this option allows requests to proceed ignoring SSL certificate verification.