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Loader SmartEmailing Trigger

The SmartEmailing Trigger loader reads emails, events, and other data from triggers.csv and triggers events, including other data in SmartEmailing automations.

Data In/Data Out 

Data In

Only triggers.csv is used. It must be stored in /data/in/tables/

Data Out


Learn more: about the folder structure here.


Triggers.csv must have a specific structure:

  1. The first row (header):
    1.  Must contain email and event. Other column names are possible.
    2. email and event values are mandatory.
  2. Every email in subsequent rows must be a valid email address, else, the loader will return an error.
  3. Values for other columns are optional and missing values are not included in the trigger payload.


smartemailing trigger.png

API Credentials User Name (required)

Account User Name.

API Credentials Password/API Key (required)

Account API Key. 

You can create an API key in your SmartEmailing account by going to My Account (Muj Ucet) -> API Keys (API Klice) -> Create an API Key (Vytvorit API Klic)