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Loader SmartEmailing Trigger

The SmartEmailing Trigger loader reads emails, events, and payload from triggers.ndjson and triggers events, including payload in SmartEmailing automation.

Data In/Data Out 

Data In

Loader requires input file named: /data/in/files/triggers.ndjson 

Each line:

  •  Must contain a json object with email and event
  •  Can contain payload.

Example (in triggers.ndjson file): 





Data Out


Learn more: about the folder structure here.


smartemailing trigger.png

API Credentials User Name (required)

Account User Name.

API Credentials Password/API Key (required)

Account API Key. 

You can create an API key in your SmartEmailing account by going to My Account (Muj Ucet) -> API Keys (API Klice) -> Create an API Key (Vytvorit API Klic)