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Loader SmartEmailing Trigger

SmartEmailing Trigger is an advanced feature within the SmartEmailing platform that enables marketers to automate and trigger email campaigns based on specific user behaviors or events.

Unlike the standard SmartEmailing platform, SmartEmailing Trigger goes beyond scheduled campaigns, providing a dynamic and responsive approach to engagement that adapts to individual customer behaviors, thereby maximizing the impact of email marketing efforts.

Business value in CDP

As a loader for exporting data from the Customer Data Platform to SmartEmailing Trigger, it serves as a powerful tool for delivering highly targeted and timely messages. SmartEmailing Trigger allows marketers to harness real-time customer data to initiate email campaigns triggered by events such as website visits, product purchases, or specific interactions within the CDP. This level of automation ensures that emails are sent at precisely the right moment, enhancing the relevance and personalization of marketing communications. 

Steps to set up SmartEmailing Trigger

Follow this step-by-step guide to configure the component:

  1. The first step is to set up the loader within Meiro Integration by following the instructions given in this article below.
  2. Set up the loader as a destination in CDP. Read here. 
  3. Continue with exporting your segmented customer profiles. Refer to this article.

Setting up the loader in MI

The SmartEmailing Trigger loader reads emails, events, and payload from triggers.ndjson and triggers events, including payload in SmartEmailing automation.

Data In/Data Out 

Data In

Loader requires input file named: /data/in/files/triggers.ndjson 

Each line:

  •  Must contain a json object with email and event
  •  Can contain payload.

Example (in triggers.ndjson file): 





Data Out


Learn more: about the folder structure here.


smartemailing trigger.png

API Credentials User Name (required)

Account User Name.

API Credentials Password/API Key (required)

Account API Key. 

You can create an API key in your SmartEmailing account by going to My Account (Muj Ucet) -> API Keys (API Klice) -> Create an API Key (Vytvorit API Klic)