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Connector Google Cloud Storage OAuth2

Google Cloud Storage OAuth2 is an authentication and authorization mechanism that allows secure access to Google Cloud Storage resources. With OAuth2, the CDP can obtain the necessary permissions to access and retrieve customer data stored in Google Cloud Storage. This ensures a secure and controlled flow of information, protecting sensitive customer data while enabling seamless integration between the CDP and Google Cloud Storage.


To set up the configuration for the Google Cloud Storage Connector, you will need a Google Cloud Storage account. You can create your account here.

Learn more: If you have not used Google Cloud Storage before, we recommend you to check the official Google Cloud Storage documentation.



Using * (wildcard) at the end of an expression in a key field allows you to search for the necessary files in the bucket. For example, use MyFolder/* to connect to all the files in the directory MyFolder.

Data In/Data Out

Data In N/A
Data Out Your results will be saved in the Data Out bucket:  data/out/files 

Learn more: about the folder structure here.

Learn how: to move files from one folder in configuration to another using Command Line Interface Code processor please refer to this article.


After creating the Google Cloud Storage connector, you will first need to authorize it to access your Google account. 

Click on the Authorize button and allow Meiro.io to access chosen Google account. You can reset your authorization at any time or if you want to authorize another Google account instead.




Bucket  Name (required)

Provide a Google Cloud Storage bucket name. As all bucket names reside in a single Cloud Storage namespace. To find the bucket name go to your Google Cloud Storage account, go to the Storage section and the Browser. 


Learn more: about Google Cloud storage buckets here.

Search Key (required)

In order to search for the key prefix for the files from the Google Cloud Storage bucket, it is possible to use a *  wildcard at the end. For example, if you would like to connect only the files from the folder myfolder, please insert myfolder/*.

Include Sub-folders (optional)

By marking that field you will download the data from the bucket with all subfolders. This option is available only with the wildcard *.

New Files Only (optional)

Checking the New Files option enables you to load the data in incremental loads. 

After the first run of the configuration in the incremental mode, the file state.json of the Data Out bucket is showing properties like:


  • "last_downloaded_file_timestamp" which is the timestamp of the last change in the Google Cloud Storage connector  (seconds since Jan 01 1970 UTC)


  • "files_modified_in_last_downloaded_file_timestamp" that lists names of the processed files in the last Timestamp

Each time you run the configuration, Meiro Integrations is checking the values of these properties and downloads only the unprocessed files to the Data Out bucket.

Limit (optional)

The Limit field describes the maximum number of files to download. If the key matches more files than chosen, only the oldest files will be downloaded.